Sunday, May 13, 2007

Microsoft Challenge

日本時間で昨夜から行われていたMicrosoft SIMでのキャンペーン、数時間かけてクリアしました。

I have just spent several hours to solve all the quizes in a challenge campaign held at Microsoft SIM since yesterday night (Japanese time).


Why did I do it so seriously? Well, it was because the prize for the challenge was the parcel in the SIM next to Microsoft SIM!


Photo of Winners so far.
From the left : CK, me, JW, Nock, Darren, Alonzo. I'm excited to think that we are going to be neighbors.

The leaderboard tells the names of the people who completed the game. From 5th to 9th are the yesterday's challengers.
このキャンペーン、"This isn't your avarage game."と看板にあるとおり、一筋縄では行かないものでした。

This campgaign, as it says on the instruction board "This isn't your average game.", was not an straight forward simple challenges.


The eggs were hidden in a sensitive manner that you would scream "How was I supposed to find this here!" when you do find it. And if you don't solve the clue correctly, you would never reach the place.I had to think about giving up many times.


I wore cute cloth to be at the challenge, but then was forced to run around in such places.....doh.


If I hadn't meet up with Nock-san (who writes Second Life na Nichijo Blog), I could have given it up on the second one.


Anyway it was of an insane difficulty. Alonzo-san, CK-san, Nock-san, thank you!!