Sunday, May 20, 2007

Clear and Present Danger

Red Alert ! There is a big trouble ahead for any Gothic Lolita Fans in Second Life ! What is it? You would ask. Try searching the word "Gothic Lolita". That's right. No shop or group lists up in the search list !

In relation to the Linden Lab's recent policy change about child pornography, they had banned the word "Lolita" from the Search. For example Lico (my friend figurine creator) was in trouble deciding the keywords for classifieds for her shop. (But she has already come up with a unique and fun idea to solve this problem, giggles. )

Right now, there is a sugestion from Gothic Lolita Group to use "EGL" as a group name. I think there are not many who likes Gothic Lolita yet doesn't like Mana our highness. But yet Gothic Lolita is different in subtle senses from EGL, and this notion will probably keep following us.

For those of you who were not interested in Gothic Lolita this was probably a boring topic, Let me apologize for it. I was just showing there are some of us who are troubled by the seemingly unrelated policy change of Linden Lab.


La Carmina said...

It's ridiculous, isn't it? I wrote an entry about Gothic Lolita fashion/designers on Second Life (and Linden's Lolita word ban) on my Gothic Lolita blog, Thought you might be interested. The stable URL is

Liqueur Felix said...

Thank you for your comment and mentioned interesting entry,Carmina.

Fortunately for lolitas, Linden has been released new search engine few weeks ago
that can search keywords : EGL,gothic lolita, goth-loli,dolls and even gothic lolita in Japanese fonts.

May I suggest you should try it on your web browser :
Now you can see 400+ result about gothic lolita.

I am not sure about there is a possibility in the future that become restricted again though
I am enjoying gothic, white, sax lolita and alice related fashions.

There's many lolita fashion shop in Second Life.
Hope meet you in world then I will tell you store which has
cute bag(it reminds me baby brand), head dress and bonnets !