Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ravie de vous rencontrer !


つい先日youさんのblogにてINSOLENCEが日本のSIMに進出しているのが報じられましたが、今回そちらのSIMFRONTIER HILLSのオーナーさんの紹介で、デザイナーのcamillaさんにお会いすることが出来ました。ご本人はご覧のとおり、セクシーかつ自然体で、さすがセンスを感じさせます。

Some of you may have already known from Ms. you Xiao's blog that "INSOLENCE" has opened its new shop in a Japanese SIM. And today, with the kindness by the owner of the SIMFRONTIER HILLS, I was introduced to meet the desginer of INSOLENCE, Ms. camilla.
She is sexy as you see. Her natural posture itself shows her keen sense of fashion.
こちらの支店についていろいろ伺いながら長く気になっていたTattoo Friendlyバージョンの看板に付いているタトゥーについて訊ねてみたところ、何とPhotoshopのOverlayで、InWorldには存在しないものでした。それはどこを探してもみつからないわけですね…と ふらふら倒れたところ、5分ちょうだい、と何と作り始めてくださいました。

Tattoo which I was interested in during the interview.

I asked her about the Tattoo on the "Friendly Version" signboard. She told me it was just an overlay on Photoshop and doesn't exist In-World. There was no wonder I couldn't find it anywhere in the store.... (/me falls flat) "Give me 5 mins." as she said, she started creating it!

It was already surprising to see her make it in a few mins, but what's more, it was her first tattoo in SL Of course it was exclusive (only for me! Yay!) for me! I was dancing with happiness.
一番のお気に入りのClara Black Satin - TATOO FRIENDLYとあわせてさっそく着けてみました。頭の中で思い描いていたとおり、妖艶な感じがぐっと増して自分に酔ってしまっているこの頃です。

This is my most favorite: Clara Black Satin - TATOO FRIENDLY
I attached it with the one. Just like I was imagining! They match perfectly with my sexy body. Sigh, I am so intoxicated with my beauty these days....

insolence、ってどちらかというと悪い意味の単語なのですが、デザイナーさんはとても親切な方です。Group Chatでも質問に丁寧にこたえているのを見かけますし、看板も懸命に翻訳して日本語で説明書きをつけています。お店で出会ったら、ぜひ声をかけてみてくださいね。フランスの方ですが、英語がばっちり通じます。翻訳機の変な日本語が笑われてしまって通じなかったと気にかけていらっしゃるようでしたから、どうか笑わずにコミュニケーションをとってみてください。

"Insolence" is rather a bad word in meaning, but the designer Ms.camilla is a very generous person. I see her often in her Group Chat answering questions with much courtesy as well as sparing no effort to translate the signboards and explanation boards into Japanese all by herself.
Her primary language is French, but she speaks perfect English. She was worried that her English-Japanese translator would give a wrong translation and be laughed. So please try to talk to her without laughing even if that happens.


I will introduce you her various lingerie line-ups in the next article.